How to Create a Post in Wordpress
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How to Create a Post in WordPress

When most people first get started in WordPress, there is often a lot of confusion around whether to create their first writing in a Post or on a Page The best way to help you understand the difference, is Pages are normally static and are often found in the navigation of your site – Pages like Contact Us, About Us, the Home Page (if it is always the same), and maybe the Privacy Policy. Other than that you will be creating most other writings as Posts.

Before beginning this process you need to know that sometimes we make mistakes on WordPress, or glitches happen that can cause everything that you’ve entered into the Add New Post page to vanish if four did not automatically save it as a draft first. That is why we strongly suggest that before you post something directly to WordPress, that you create it first in Microsoft Word or Wordpad, in case something goes wrong so you will have a backup.

To create a post on your WordPress blog:

1) Goto site and login :


Login: yourlogin

Password: yourpassword


2) go to POSTS – ADD NEW

or just go here:


3) Insert a title – use your keyword term

4) Add content – you will see new icon tools like calculators you can add to your post; you can also add pictures or videos into your post.

Under the Visual tab, if you only see one line of icons, click on the last icon (Kitchen Sink) which looks like two lines of colored boxes, and a new line of icons will appear. If you created your work first in Microsoft Word, you must add it through the Word icon (icon with a “W“) in order to remove the Microsoft office word formatting or your post will look like a mess.

5) Add Meta Tags: scroll down to the bottom to the All in One SEO Meta tags Pack – if you don’t see that, you will need to install the All-in-One-SEO-pack plug-in and activate it. This is one of the most important steps to posting, so do not disregard this step.

i) add title – same as (3) – less than 60 chars

ii) add a 160 character description of the post

iii) add your keywords separated by commas, making sure they relate to your post

6) scroll to the top right sidebar

i) add a category

ii) add POST TAGS – keyword terms

7) Click on Publish


Do not leave the page until you have either saved the changes as a draft or updated your post. Doing this will likely erase all of the work you enter in without saving, unless a draft was created automatically under Posts.

If you click on preview post, it will open up to your live page on the Internet. It is exciting to see that you’ve been able to create a post in WordPress that is now live to the world – for more tips on WordPress see our other posts, or if you’re looking for a WordPress website feel free to call our office at 1-888-688-6326 to have an expert install WordPress for you – prices range from $500-$1000 for custom installations and themes.