Do You Have A Website Design That's Turning Customers Away?
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Do You Have A Website Design That’s Turning Customers Away?

The success of ALL companies whether product or services based, is dependent, more than anything else, on sales & marketing. Because of Globalization, Social Media, new technologies and the Internet, companies from other regions, and even other markets, are now reaching clients that were previously only accessible locally with print media. This means there is a substantial increase in the amount of competition for your business’ market, and being on top is no longer a game of who spends the most on advertising, but rather a planned strategy of always being ahead of your competition in where your potential clients are now spending their time.

Over 90% of households in Canada and the US have internet access (the vast majority of these having broadband connections)! And as a matter of fact, most households have multiple devices connecting to the Internet ‐ including desktops, laptops, TV’s, cell phones, and other gadgets such as iPads, Playbooks, tablets & even gaming systems. Statistics show that 85% of consumers turn to a major search engine to find & research a product or service before buying, and almost always locating what they need on the first page of results. There are currently 1 billion computers in the world, while there are over 5 billion cell phones.

What a Website Design can do for Your Company:

  1. Increase your sales reach locally, nationally, or internationally
  2. Reduce expenses like real estate, staff, inventory, advertising
  3. Build your brand and let people know you’re in business for the long-haul
  4. Make your company look much bigger than it is
  5. Compete against your local and online competitors
  6. Your website & store are available 24 hours a day-7 days a week and can take inquiries and sales when you’re not available
  7. A website is one of the cheapest forms of marketing available
  8. Make you really stand out from your competitors
  9. Offer customer Support without taking up your time
  10. Offer feedback and communication with customers and prospects

This means that it is not only essential for all business (locally based and international) to have a robust online marketing plan, but also be working towards developing a mobile marketing strategy! Even if your clients are Corporate‐based, because of time constraints, decision makers are still taking work home with them ‐ often researching their company purchases at home or during their commute to work.

Your website is the first impression that people get of your business. If it looks like it was designed in the 1990s, that’s the impression they will get of your company. You want to remove every possible objection a potential prospect may have about your website before they get there. Don’t let an old design be the reason they decide to go to your competitor. Call us today for a free website design quote at 1-888-688-6326.